Technical requirements

Technical requirements to the music materials for mixing:

  1. Bit resolution: 16 bit and higher.
  2. Sample frequency: 44 100 Hz and higher.
  3. File formats: WAV.
  4. The name of each audio file must uniquely describe its contents, for example, bass, kick, snare, hi-hat, cymbal, guitar, lead synth, lead vocal, back vocal, etc.
  5. Disable any processing on the master bus and other channels. You can leave artistic effects on, but you need to turn off all dynamic processing devices (compressors, limiters, etc.), as well as spatial effects and delay effects – reverb and delay. If you are using virtual instruments (VSTi / DXi / AUi and so on), the spatial and delay effects must be disabled not only on the instrument channel but on the master section of the virtual instrument itself.