The main principle of the Unusual Sound Studio is the production of high-quality and original music products. We do not strive to do much and quickly, we strive to do well – and this is our main difference from competitors. We pay great attention to details because without them the production of good and high-quality music is impossible basically. We do not use presets or templates – for each project we undertake, we select unique and most suitable settings for hardware and software. Because each musical project is unique and we strive to emphasize this individuality in every way.

Unusual Sound Studio was founded by Andrew Deviatikh – a composer and sound engineer from St. Petersburg. Andrew has been producing music since 1999 and has vast experience in various styles – from piano and symphonic instrumental music to dark ambient, drone and experimental music. Andrew produces and writes music for his own solo project ALONE (https://aloneproject.net/), collaborates and works with a large number of solo performers and music groups, including Argishty, EugeneKha, Valtzing Dogs, Dreamflyers, Electralex, KUZMA, Khajiit / Whitespot, and many others.

Studio equipment:

Monitoring: KRK RoKit 5 RPG2, Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro, AKG K52
Audio-interfaces: TC Electronic Konnect24D, M-Audio Profire 2626
DSP-processors: Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite, TC Electronic Powercore
Instruments and controllers: CME UF7, Korg KONTROL49, Arturia Beatstep Pro, Access Virus, Korg Radias, Korg Wavestation SR, Roland JV-1080, Waldorf Blofeld
Plugins: Universal Audio, TC Electronic, Waves, Brainworx, Izotope, Softube, SPL, Voxengo, TDR, Native Instruments
DAW: Reaper