Music creation

Musical accompaniment is incredibly important for the success of any media project: video, presentation, film, a computer game. Music is a link that creates the necessary atmosphere and unites all the parts of your work with a single mood. Successful music will be remembered by viewers for a long time; unusual soundtrack will allow users of a video game to immerse themselves in what is happening on the screen; bright music is a crucial element of the trailer for any film, and modern cinema is unthinkable without music.

By ordering music for your project from us, you can be sure, that we will do our best to create a truly vivid and memorable product that will highlight the greatest strengths of your media project.

Music creation services are paid for the number of hours actually worked. The cost of one hour is – $15. 

Before we start, you make an advance payment of 50%.

As a result of the work, you receive a non-exclusive right to use the musical work. By agreement, it is possible to transfer the exclusive right to a musical work – in this case, the cost of creating music is estimated individually.


You fill out an order for creating music. The more information you provide in the application, the more accurately we will be able to determine the timing and cost of the work.
We process your order, evaluate the timing, and cost of work, and contact you to coordinate all the details.
After agreeing on all the details, you make an advance payment, and we begin to create music. We draw your attention to the fact that after we start creating music, it will be impossible to make changes to the originally agreed requirements!
Work is performed in several iterations. We make a sketch and send it to you for review. If the sketch suits you, then it is modified to the finished work. If the sketch does not suit you, then we will clarify the details and requirements for the music once more in order to prepare another version for you. The maximum number of such iterations is three. After the third version, you will need to choose one of the three proposed earlier, which meets your expectations to the maximum extent. This version will be modified to the finished product.
We modify the sketch to the finished composition and send it to you for approval.
You accept the work or report the need to make changes.
After making the changes (if necessary), we mix and master the music created for you (for free) and send you the final version of the track in several formats.
You contribute the remaining cost of the work, after which you receive a non-exclusive right to use the music created for you.

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