Online mixing

Mixing is one of the key stages of music creation when musical composition takes the final form. High-quality, balanced and modern sounding is something without which even the most wonderful melody and the most memorable tune will not be perceived and properly appreciated by the listener. 

Mixing music in our studio includes the following stages of work with your musical material:

  • Cleaning and technical adaptation of parties (tracks) of individual instruments: removal of noise, clicks and other recording defects.
  • Vocal tuning – correcting fake and inaccurate intonation of vocals.
  • Balancing the volume of individual instruments and their location in space.
  • Giving the necessary capacity, density, dynamics and coloring of sound.
  • Creating legibility: the party of each instrument should be easily heard, but all instruments should sound together and should not be each by itself.
  • Adaptation parties of separate instruments with various artistic effects: reverb, delay, and so on.
  • Free mastering of the finished mix.

Mastering is the process of final polishing the sound of a song. In the course of mastering, we will bring the maximum volume level and dynamic range of your composition to the level accepted in the industry. We will add density, additional capacity, and readability to the mix. In case of order mixing of an entire album or several tracks, at the mastering stage, their sound will become uniform and complete: the volume level and the perception of all the songs will be the same. As a result of the work, you will receive mixed compositions in the formats WAV, MP3 and FLAC (if necessary).





– You pay for the number of hours actually worked with your songs
– The number of edits is not limited
– Mastering included

$10 / hour



– We will inform you about the cost after reading your material
– No more than three edits (each subsequent edit is paid additionally)
– Mastering included

from $100 / song


If you order the mixing of several tracks or an entire album, then we can give you a discount.

In both cases, you make an advance payment in the amount of 100%.


You choose the payment option that suits you best – hourly or payment at a fixed cost.

You check your musical material for compliance with our technical requirements and upload it to any free cloud hosting (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and the like). You need to upload:

  • Multitrack
  • Draft (your) version of mixing
  • 1-2 reference tracks. A reference track – is a song by another author in the same genre as your music, which is close in sound to what you would like to hear as a result of mixing.
You fill out the order for mixing. You must provide a link to download your musical material in the application.
We process your order, study your musical material for compliance with our technical requirements, assess the complexity and cost of work, contact you to coordinate all the details.
After we agree on all the details, you make an advance payment and we start mixing. We draw your attention to the fact that after we start mixing your music, it will be impossible to make changes to the materials you provided!
We mix your song and send you the finished composition for acceptance.
You accept the work or report the need for changes. The number and cost of edits depending on the payment option you choose.
After making changes (if necessary), we send you the final version of the track in several formats.

If you still have questions – contact us!

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